How urinary incontinence affected my postpartum

The loss of urine started to happen during pregnancy. It attacked when I sneezed, when I coughed, when I laughed and even when I went to the gym – very important to fight the huge number of pounds I had gained.


It bothered me tremendously. I stopped exercising, which has always been my escape. And whenever I was with my husband or with my friends, I was afraid to laugh. I couldn’t get this out of my head. I didn’t live life at ease. I was not experiencing my pregnancy to the full.


I didn’t tell anyone what was going on, even when post childbirth, with a baby to look after, the problem persisted. I just had to bend down to take my child out of the crib to feel the leakage of urine. It was extremely uncomfortable. I started using a daily dressing at all times.


I just had to bend down to take my child out of the crib to feel the leakage of urine


Marta | 42 years old

And I couldn’t help from thinking: was it just me or were there more pregnant women going through the same? It was official: I needed to talk about it, because I was ashamed to share it with those closer to me. I wanted to find someone who felt the same way as I did.


I shared my story with a woman I met in a mother’s group, after she made a post that made me suspect that she was going through the same. I was right.


Talking without fear was a relief. She explained everything to me: she told me it was normal to have episodes of urinary incontinence in pregnancy and in the postpartum period. She told me that I was not the only one going through this. And she advised me on natural supplements with vitamin D, selenium, pumpkin seeds and soy extracts, ingredients that have a positive effect on involuntary leakage of urine.


I was finally able to fully experience motherhood and postpartum, which was, after all, one of the happiest periods of my life.


How has urinary incontinence affected my menopause

Margarida | 47 years old

I entered menopause at the age of 47. It was hell: hot flashes that made me open the refrigerator door to cool off, menstruation disappearing, fat accumulating in the abdomen. It is not an easy time for women. It is a time of great changes, but I was able the adapt to it. What else!

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How urinary incontinence affected my sleep

Amália | 34 years old

Urinary incontinence, in the form of nocturnal enuresis (urge to urinate at night), entered in my life at the age of 34. It drastically affected my life quality, especially when it comes to sleep. I didn’t sleep and did not let others sleep.

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How urinary incontinence led me to depression

Beatriz | 38 years old

It was after a pelvic surgery that I started having episodes of urinary incontinence. It was a tough period, which led me to depression.

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