How urinary incontinence affected my sleep

Urinary incontinence, in the form of nocturnal enuresis (urge to urinate at night), entered in my life at the age of 34. It drastically affected my life quality, especially when it comes to sleep. I didn’t sleep and did not let others sleep.


I got up about three times to go to the bathroom, with a strong urge to urinate. My sleep was terrible, because it was constantly being interrupted. I was always waking up and could not properly rest. For a long time, I was unable to sleep long enough. I was exhausted, sad and angry.


But this was not the only consequence. The poor sleep quality caused by urinary incontinence changed my life. If did not only affect me. It affected my productivity and the relationship with my boyfriend. Because of me, he also was always waking up at night, unable to rest.


I was exhausted, sad and angry


Amália | 34 years old

I was so ashamed that I refused to discuss the problem with him. This caused our relationship to deteriorate. I didn’t want to speak. He didn’t understand: if the problem persisted, why wasn’t I looking for solutions? I explained why: I was afraid that they did not exist. I was wrong.


Today I look back and think about the terrible repercussions that urinary incontinence has on the lives of those who live with it. I want everyone to know. It is a problem that can be treated – and surgery is not even necessary. There are natural supplements that help a lot.


It took me a while to understand. Urinary incontinence is, after all, much more common than I thought. Only, like me, many other women are ashamed to speak. Because of that, they lose hours of sleep. Sacred hours of rest.


How urinary incontinence affected my postpartum

Marta | 42 years old

The loss of urine started to happen during pregnancy. It attacked when I sneezed, when I coughed, when I laughed and even when I went to the gym – very important to fight the huge number of pounds I had gained.

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How has urinary incontinence affected my menopause

Margarida | 47 years old

I entered menopause at the age of 47. It was hell: hot flashes that made me open the refrigerator door to cool off, menstruation disappearing, fat accumulating in the abdomen. It is not an easy time for women. It is a time of great changes, but I was able the adapt to it. What else!

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How urinary incontinence led me to depression

Beatriz | 38 years old

It was after a pelvic surgery that I started having episodes of urinary incontinence. It was a tough period, which led me to depression.

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